Our Team


Pravin S Mutha

B.Com., Certified Financial Planner (CFP CM), CTEP Inheritance Planner, Wealth Management Certification

He has a vast experience in the financial market since 1986. His tremendous passion for reading helps him navigate towards generating positive returns for clients, capital protection and thus, creating wealth.
In today’s complex financial world, he helps clients plan their portfolio through his expertise, experience and knowledge.

Kavita S Devi

B.Com., Certified Financial Planner (CFP CM), CTEP Inheritance Planner, Wealth Management Certification

A Certified Financial Planner (CFP CM) by profession, working since 2002 and her life purpose is to remain your Guide and Friend towards your Journey of Financial Freedom.
A Registered Life planner from Kinder Institute USA, which has further helped her to understand money related beliefs and emotions.

Prajyot P Mutha

He is a compassionate leader with a strong penchant to create purpose-driven teams.

Prajyot is a young passionate about personal finance, wealth management & the application of the latest technologies in these practices.

He is handling the back-office operations.

Advisory Team:

Trupti Wani

B.Sc., Certified Financial Planner (CFP CM)

A  Certified Financial Planner Based in Bangalore  having more than 20 Years of experience in Financial Market & over 9 years of experience in personal finance and financial planning.

Trupti believes in giving financial advice to her client based on their personal aspirations and goals.  She builds relationship with her clients and helps them realise their dreams. It is her passion to simplify client’s investment journey to achieve financial freedom.

Trupti J. Phulpagar

M.Com , AMFI certified , 13 years of experience in financial Advisory and Management.

She is based in Pune and has expanded FINANZINDIA to a whole new level. A believer in the family values intact modernisation of financial handling, Trupti leads all the financial consulting and planning in Pune. Trupti has over 300+ clients under her core.

Simran S Bhandari

B.Com., Certified Financial Planner (CFP CM)
A Certified Financial Planner who specializes in putting client’s aspirations in a simplified way.

Our Strength is our experience team who are always ready to help you to achieve your goals

Anil Gangurde

AMFI Certified
18 years of experience

Kamlesh Jadhav

AMFI Certified
15 years of experience

Sagar Minde

AMFI Certified
12 years of experience

Swapnil Jagtap

AMFI Certified
8 years of experience

Nilima Dhongade

Handling Client queries
10 years of experience

Our fee structure is streamlined and is created with the objective of providing value addition to our clients. Our primary objective is to inculcate the benefits of Financial Planning to our clients to help them achieve their financial goals.