Our Profile

Our Aim & Objective:

Providing ethical and value-based advice being our strength, our objective is to balance between one’s rational and irrational aspects of money.


Our Strength & Mission:

We believe in the process, not in the product, and pursue goal-based planning instead of advising randomly.

As human beings, we all have money related memories, feelings and dreams .

Our strength is to understand these facets and prepare a financial road map accordingly.

Our Process:

We adopt a Listen-Plan-Build strategy, in which we first listen to your journey & your approach towards money – your beliefs, responsibilities, dreams, fears & help you understand and prioritize your financial life.

Following this, we analyze your Cash flows, Risk appetite, Return expectations and Aspirations, and accordingly build your financial pyramid with five strong foundations:

    1. Uncertain events of life like health cover, life cover and accidental cover.
    2. Provision for family’s uncertainties like Emergency fund.
    3. Non-Negotiable Expenses like Retirement corpus, Children’s education, etc.
    4. Provision for Negotiable Expenses like House, Children’s marriage, Vacations, etc.
    5. Assets for the next generation like Real Estate, Diamonds, Gifts, etc.

A financial plan slowly gives you clarity with respect to knowing what you should and shouldn’t do.

It helps to develop an easy step-by-step approach towards your Insurance and Investments to work in harmony towards your goals.