Why are we stuck in the vicious cycle of Money?

We are stuck because we have failed to do planning while Investing (with a Right brain….make every money work for you)
as well as spending (with a Left brain……doing things for loved ones, value based spending).

And most of the times, we do the reverse –
we invest emotionally without understanding the arithmetic and spend intellectually doing unnecessary calculations for the necessary things.

The true way is to live financially free life is to…. plan a rough strategy and prepare our mind to change that strategy as per the changes in life.

Let’s see how?

1) We should collect all our assets, liabilities, income and expenses to know “where we are today”


2)We should write down our present and future expenses (Also the things you love to do) that is “where we want to go in future”.

Drawing the road map is very very important. It gives us rough direction to move and also accept the fact that the future can’t be straight line it is always uncertain.

We should have control on our behavior and turn the way around as the situations in life changes.

Wishing you the best always.

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