Things in life will not always run smoothly

Sometimes we rise towards heights – and then, all will be seen to reverse themselves and start falling downwards.

The great fact to remember is that ultimately the trend is upward forever.

Like our life, Equity market also fluctuates, gives surprises and has many volatilities. But the long-term behavior of equity is permanent uptrend line.

Nick Murray says:
Investors can create wealth in all peaks and downturns, throughout all seasons of his/her lifetime –

1) SIP – Rupee Cost Averaging.
Auto pilot market timing system that can help you to out perform all experts.

2) Systematic withdrawal – It’s Rupee cost averaging in reverse.
It has a potential to grow Money and makes our principal available throughout our life.

3) To buy in every big sale of market. Embrace the fear and make a habit of buying more and more aggressively during panics.

Without  equity asset class we can’t build up our wealth building.
FD’s, Bonds and Gold assets are for parking space.

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