Talking about Money

We all know that talking about money is good.

But why do we find it difficult talking about it?

And why does it tend to have a ‘insecure’ feeling while discussing about money?

Maybe because money isn’t the department of math (mind), most of the time it’s a department of psychology (heart).

2+2 ≠ 4
2+ 2 = Feelings

Nobody taught us, it’s time to teach ourselves.

If it is math what about our money related feelings, beliefs, expectations & attitude that comes while making money decisions in our life journey?

Aligning your spending, saving and investing with your values makes your money talks easy.

Try this – Talking about money is talking about your feelings, your values.

It’s talking about what’s important to you.

Wishing you all to realize that soon. The sooner you know, the sooner you love to talk about money.

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