Know Money


Why Money importance to us?
It’s for our security and confidence to fulfill our responsibilities and aspirations of life .

How to take control of our Money?
To take control of our money we need to know and manage efficiently our four pillars of money like income , Expenses , assets and liabilities.

Which are the friends and enemies of Money ?

Inflation and Taxes are enemies of Money.
and Compound interest & asset allocation is the friend of Money.
Inflation reduces value of money and Taxes affects income so both are the enemies of money.

Make a friend to the Compound interest  and diversification to achieve life goals.

What are the thumb rules of Money?
First save than spend . Spend diligently with proper understanding and care.

How to look after Money?
By proper paper filing.
By keeping budget and making will
By keeping important numbers and passwords.

Where to invest Money ?
Diversification is the key of successful investing .
And always understand liquidity risk, growth of each investments you do .

When to review our Money ?
Review yearly or whenever any changes in life as well as in your goals.

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