Fear of loss or Fear of running lifelong for money. What will you choose?

90% of investors do not prefer to invest in stocks or stocks portfolio –


Remaining 10% of investors who invest in stocks or invest in beautiful diversified portfolio of stocks via MF for self and family also have the same feelings of “FEAR OF LOSS”.

But instead of having fear of Volatility or temporary loss they train their mind of having —

1) Fear of not beating inflation and taxes by investing in fixed deposits.

2) Fear of paying heavy charges and no capital growth by investing in insurance and annuity products.

3) Fear of investing in sub standard products and dubious schemes which promises to pay illogical returns.

4) Fear of living more than money.

5) Fear of not saving time and energy to do the things that they really wanted to do.

Of course equity is volatile and risky but risk isn’t in stocks, risk is in behavior of investors.

And it’s proven in last 100 years that only equity investments create a multi-generational wealth for the family.

Tip – Don’t try to predict the economy and time the market. No one can.
For long term goals, above five years like lifestyle maintenance or any other….. Just stay invested in managed diversified portfolio of stocks via MF

Threat – Not investing in stocks portfolio for you long-term goals will be injustice to your life as well as for your next generations

Wishing you a healthy and wealthy investing.

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