Life is a Game of Investing into the things we love

Universal Law of farms teaches us about Controlling our emotions, delaying gratification and Investing for Long term –

What we sow today, can’t reap tomorrow.
Life is all about doing something to reap benefits in the future.
We all are into the game of investing in something. It may be in relationships, marriage or career.
Investing has so many elements and aspects, and it means different things to different people.

  1. We invest in large families, so we can be “healthy emotionally.” For eg., staying in large families develops our understanding of different people, sharing and caring habits increases.
  2. We invest in education, workshops, seminars, books, watch videos so that we “grow intellectually.” 
  3. We invest in relationships like marriage, kids, and friends to have a “feeling of love and belonging.”
  4. We help our employees and society move towards the spiritual path of knowing self so they can “feel self-actualization”.
  5. We invest in external assets like Equity, Real estate, Gold and FD “to get financial freedom”.
  6. We invest our time in daily exercise, we eat healthy food so that we “remain healthy”.

   We invest our Time, Energy and Money in what we love and what is valuable to us.
   It may be Relationships, Marriage, career, work, real estate, gold, equities ,education, health, work creativity, hobbies, etc.
   It means different things to different people as per their priorities.
  Financial Planning helps us to balance our Time, Energy & Money to move into the right direction.

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