Be comfortable to go for a financial date with your spouse

Whether rich or poor, we promise ourselves in marriage, but unfortunately, many couples prefer not to talk when it comes to finances.

If you still haven’t communicated with your spouse…. now is the time to take your spouse on a financial journey to avoid future difficulties.

  1.  Take your spouse on a financial “date” at least once a month.
    Review bills, investments and make a budget. The more your spouse knows about finances and the investment process, the more confident he/she will feel A lifelong partner in a true  sense.
  2. Extend your togetherness and strengthen your financial bond.
    Ensure that all the investments, bank accounts, property investments are made in joint names.Don’t leave any stone unturned to safeguard your better half…. because a happy spouse is a  happy life
  3. Staying together, when times are bad –
    If you don’t have an emergency fund, consider making this as a top priority. That fund is the money set aside if something happens unexpectedly, such as a loss of a job, natural disaster, family illness or major home repairs.Aim to save an amount equivalent to 6 months of household expenses and park it in liquid funds
  4.  Make your presence felt in your absence –
    Financially guard your spouse by taking adequate life insurance….it should be up to replacement of your income and responsibilities
  5. Built your nest & egg together
    Let the love, excitement and spark continue to blossom during your golden years.
    Spend the second innings of your life with financial freedom and luxury.
    Hence, it is prudent to start investing in creating a sizable corpus for your retirement.
  6.  Let’s get the act together –
    Managing money matters can be boring and sticky affair and often puts a strain on the relationship.
    But being honest, transparent and having an open dialogue to avoid any problem in future.

  When you decide to work as a team, rewards multiply, and difficulties diminish.

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