Infinite Wealth Creation Learnings from Rainbow

Infinite Wealth creation Learnings from Rainbow-

1. Red

Inspires to Invest in the business through Equity.

Business has the energy and activity to generate profit for us.

Buy shares directly or via mutual funds.

2. Orange

Money isn’t a serious subject.

Have fun and feel excited to Earn, Invest and Spend your money.

3. Yellow

We experience occasions in life like Marriage, Grih Pravesh, Child Birth, etc. These moments add a golden touch our Financial Rainbow.

4. Green

Buying own House (Earthen Touch) adds dimension to our financial portfolio.

House is a Symbol of financial affluence and emotional security.

5. Blue

Few periods in our life require stability, no volatility and calmness.

Here, Debt-based investments play a big role like liquid funds, FDs, that carry no risk.

6. Indigo

In all phases of our life, we require Right knowledge and Right aptitude.

Similar, in our financial life, we require such knowledge and aptitude to grow.

7. Violet

We need to be spiritually well to develop a Detachable Attitude towards money.

It teaches us that Money is important but it is necessary to balance our life between Family, Friends and Health Equally.

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