Our human life is precious and everyone should get a chance to live it to their fullest.....but many times money related emotions become hurdles.

Financial planning is a wonderful process that helps a lot.

We understand the client's needs and suggest investment plans and give options keeping his goals in mind and ensure asset allocation in terms of spreading investments between debt and equity.

We found our clients slowly become more confident and feel peace towards their life than clients who are randomly doing investments.

We want to see all our clients to live their lives as they really love to live.

We are confident that Our unbias guidance make our clients financially free.

We have two firms FINANZINDIA and Krishna FINZPLAN LLP.

The Krishna Finzplan is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory Firm (RIA). We do fee based financial planning and wealth management consultancy.

And FINANZINDIA is a firm for execution of plans.

We have two offices with qualified staff of CFPs and NISM Certification.

We give Financial Solutions regarding Wealth Creation, wealth preservation & wealth distribution through proper asset allocation.

We assess your current financial health and chart out the financial road map for future years.

We believe that Investments are like a bridge which helps an individual to travel from present to future destination.

PRAVIN S. MUTHA (B.COM. CFP CM, Wealth Management Advance from CIEL)

Vast experience in financial market since 1986.

He has a tremendous passion of reading and searching ways for creating wealth for clients with Capital protection and generation of positive returns.

In today`s complex financial world he helps clients planning their portfolio through his expertise, experience and knowledge.

KAVITA S. DEVI (B.COM. LLB. CFP CM, Wealth Management Advance from CIEL)

A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) by profession and the lady with passion in her work and strong purpose as her guiding light,

She is the one who has continuously helped many individuals live an empowered life through financial counselling and services.

First CFP among the IFA`s in Nasik district.

Advisory Team

Trupti Wani (B.SC. CFP cm)

A certified financial planner, having an experience of more than 8 years in Financial market & financial planning.

Tanmaya Devi (M.B.S. CFPcm)

Having an expertise of 6 years in Mutual Funds, specializes and assists in the area of Financial Planning.

Prajyot Mutha (Pursuing CFP)

Executes goal based investments for the clients and provides hassle free and paperless investments.

Action Team

Sagar Minde (AMFI Certified): 10 yrs of experience with Finanzindia

Anil Gangurde (AMFI Certified): 15 yrs of experience with Finanzindia

Kamlesh Jadhav (AMFI Certified): 12 yrs of experience with Finanzindia

Swapnil Jagtap (AMFI Certified): 5 yrs of experience with Finanzindia

Nilima Dhongade (Handling Client queries): 7 yrs of experience with Finanzindia

Our Fee structure is streamlined and is created with the objective of providing value addition to our clients.

Our Primary Objective is to inculcate the benefits of Financial Planning to our clients to help achieve their financial goals.

Our Secondary objective is to run a sustainable office by ensuring the best services and advice is given to our clients and creating a profit center for our organization and employees growth.