Welcome to Finanz India

FINANZ INDIA is a first Certified Financial Planning firm in NASIK.

We give Financial Solutions regarding Wealth Creation, Insurance, Education and Retirement through proper ASSET ALLOCATION.

In FINANZINDIA, we assess your current financial health and chart out the financial road map for future years.
We believe that Investments are like a bridge which Helps an individual to travel from present to future destination.         
Start-up Stage- Age 25 to 33
Start a habit of small saving through SIP.
1st priority
a) Insurance-Buy pure term insurance as per Human life value.
b) Emergency Fund-Keep a side Six months of your monthly expenses.
c) Retirement account - Even a small saving is very important.
2nd Priority
a) House- Try to postpone it for middle age and Built up a wealth for buying a house.
b) Vacation and Vehicle – Start a planning for buying a vehicle and  vacations.
c) Credit card and loans- Avoid loans and credit cards.
Middle Stage- Age 33 to 45
1st priority
a) Children education -Start a SIP with a birth of child.
b) Purchase a house –Try to avoid big loans.
c) Goal Planning-Do a proper planning of your various goals of your life.
d) Review of your investments regularly.
2nd Priority
a) Vacation and second car- Do it after proper saving.
Third Stage- Age 45 to 60
1st priority
a)  Investment planning- Do proper planning with capital appreciation for retirement account.
b) Children’s Higher Education  and  marriage- Take benefit of  SIP amounts.
c) Will- Have a proper will to proper transfer of your wealth.
2nd Priority
a) Second Home or  Bunglow - Take it after proper wealth built up.